Top 5 movies for entrepreneurs

The founder

We will start from the movie about the founder of McDonald’s. Speaking more precisely Ray Kroc is a guy, who transform McDonalds to global corporation. Watching the movie you will learn how persistence can help you succed. In the scenerio in which Mr Kroc stopped after selling several milk shake machines, the McDonalds as we know it will never exist.

“ If the opportunity doesn’t knock — build the door”

— Milton Berle

The Wolf of the Wall Street

The movie directed by Martin Scorsese is a story of one of the biggest frauds in 90s and about its author, who was Jordan Belfort. Despite the fact, the film is about the financial crime, you can find there some insights. You should focus on selling, because in this movie the important mechanisms are shown, often in a funny way. You can also see the vivid life of Wall Street in 90s and its dark side. So be prepared to see the drugs, which are not available today. :) But I am not recommending testing this kind of knowledge. Only the clear mind, can managed really big money. The movie can be immersive, even for people not connected with the topics like investing, business and selling.

“People don’t buy because what you do is awesome, people buy because it makes them feel awesome”

— Tara Gentile

The Big Short

This movie is entirely different from The Big Short. It is describing the 2007/8 financial crisis and the lives of 4 freaks, who noticed it a little bit earlier than others. I remember that watching this movie in at the opening night in the cinema, I was the only one who felt the funny moments.

“The most important quality for an investor is temperament, not the intellect”

— Warren Buffet

The social network

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk”

— Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jobs

The next, after The social Network biographical movie on that list, also must-see. In this movie, the Steve Jobs is played by Michael Fassbender and directed by the “127 hours” director.

“Musician play the instruments, I play the orchestra.”

This is the list of 5 business- related movies I want to recommend you in the first article of that series. Please give me a feedback, if it was interesting for you. There is a lot more movies, I want to write about. In comments you can also tell me what are your top-picks in that subject.



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