500 Hats

In Canada, student union executives, like many people who find themselves in politician-type roles, wear many hats. There are big ones, small ones, left ones, right ones, hard ones, soft ones, long ones, short ones, top ones, round ones, gold ones, bland ones. Each hat revealing another side, motivation, and intention.

Playing the political game can be a difficult one and as we prepare for all the little who’s in RSUville to stamp on the Ryerson pavement and vie for your eye and ear, there are some important things to know and consider before making up your mind, logging it online, and casting your decision blind into the ether.

The Rhino party will back out and support Impact RU. After all are the Engineers really still that salty?

Obaid will ride the support he’s garnered by the MSA, while continuing to remain silent on #BlackintheMSA , #IStandWithGilary .

Despite Harman spending, and Obaid approving, a conservatively estimated $515,000 on the Parade and Picnic concert, $300,000+ more than was spent in previous years, voters will seem un-phased because they’ve got their Drake-Goggles on (see beer-goggles).

A few musings on the Rhinos and incumbents. Into a fun-filled rabbit hole we go.

Bartholomew Cubbins

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