The Clear Innocence of Kano State Governor Ganduje

My fellow Nigerians, it was recently brought to my attention by a friend and fellow patriot that there exists an outcry at the recent decision of a Kano High Court to stop the investigation into the bribery allegations against the state Governor, Dr Abdullah Ganduje based on the contents of the famous video.

I am speechless.

Surely the Nigerian people saw what I clearly saw in that video. An innocent man.

I had in the past chosen to stay silent on this matter because I assumed the Nigerian people saw what was obvious, but no more.

I believe now that it is my civic duty to step in and interpret the events documented in that video to clear all doubts.

Some empty minded people have asked that if the video was not depicting a bribe, what else it could possibly have been showing?

Well, obviously the esteemed governor was receiving a charity donation on behalf of his favourite charity.

Then why was he smiling as he collected the money?

Anyone who knows the Governor knows of his passion for helping the less privileged. His wide smile in the video was definitely because he was filled with joy as to all the good the money would do.

So why was it done seemingly in secret?

Well the altruistic philanthropist from the video was clearly a humble and shy man and did not wish for the publicity and praise that comes with such a large donation. The Governor was simply respecting his wishes.

Then why was it in cash?

Well clearly the magnanimous benefactor from the video had exceeded his transfer limit for the day and his cheque book has expired and he did not have time to go to the bank because of the long queues.

So why was it in dollars?

Clearly the donation was coming from an international organization that our Good Samaritan was representing hence the dollars and like I said, he did not go to the bank so how would he exchange it for naira.

So why did the governor collect it himself?

Clearly because he wanted to make sure that nothing happened to the money and it went straight to the coffers of the needy.

So why did the governor keep the money in his pockets?

For safe keeping of course. His desk was simply too far away at the moment because he had a long stressful day and anyone who knows the eminent Governor knows his pockets are like a safe. It’s where he keeps the state allocations even.

So why did it look like the meeting took place in the evening?

Obviously, the esteemed governor has a very busy schedule serving his state and daytime transactions are riskier because it is a threat to his life and safety to carry such large amounts in the day

Why was the governor alone?

Simple, you can trust no man. Haven’t you heard? Nigerians are corrupt.

God bless Nigeria.