Bests and worsts

Dude, putting in extra hours as a dad feels like there should be some dues — until you compare your time to your wife’s extra hours.

Last night I somehow had two extra meetings booked after my already full monday. It meant I was at the office until almost 6pm — then dashed home in the car to be online for a 6pm meeting which them morphed into an impromptu 30 minute meeting. By 7:30 the kids were in bed however, they were rambunctious, so I needed to go in and do a “best and worst”.

“Best and worsts” is a little activity that happens when the kids are in bed. It’s a chance to reflect back on the day and say what your “best” moments were from the day — as well as follow through with the low points of the day. It is mandatory to at least have a best moment and one can recount as many as they want

“My best was when dad came home and we played lego and built some awesome stuff”

another rule about best and worsts is that your best can’t be someone elses misfortune. so…

“My best was when Jahawi finished all his sweeties and then cried because I didn’t finish mine and I still had some”

Your best can’t be someone else’s worst

Does not make the cut — it does not count as a“best”

I don’t have a worst

This one has been happening lately, the kids are realising that there is not something immediate that they remember as “making them sad” — which is fine and nice to hear as a parent. But not long after you let that “Im a great parent and really helping facilitate a happy childhood for my kids” you realise that an hour ago they were balling their eyes out and convinced that dad was a terrible person for dismantling the forts and sending them to bed.

Since I value a balance of emotions and experiences in life — I give the kids a little nudge to remember the parts of the day that weren’t perfect.

Daddy’s best and worst…

Lately I’ve really been trying to remember, no matter how tired I am and eager to have them drift off into sleep, to add my own bests and worsts into the mix. This way they hear a bit from me and how my day was and its nice for me to also reflect on the day.

The message of this blog post is that doing Bests and worsts while the kids are in bed is a perfect way for them to settle down, be grateful for the parts of their day they enjoyed and give them some nice memories to feed into their dreams.

So thats that. Do some bests and worsts with your kids before bed and enjoy the stories.

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