My Story

I like to write. I used to write alot. I wrote online about my travels in 1999 and kinda made a blog (before that was a term?) with images and stories to share with family — rather than just write long group emails (I would even repost comments people emailed to me and included it in the hard coded HTML in the following month). I was a computer science student at the University of Guelph and then, as now, I look for ways to exercise my technical skills by combining it with something I love in life: travel, djing, radio, family events. So that is how I learned HTML and web learned about more web technologies — as a marriage of my curiosity about technology and things I left passion for.

Then there are the piles and piles of lined notebooks filled with my morning pages — a cornerstone technique in “the Artists way” that involves starting your day by writing three pages every morning just for the sake of the practice.

So I have slowed down in my writing. An interesting observation is that the more my work life involves online and technology related elements, the more adverse I am to actually writing here on the interweb. And then the topic — rather than be paralysed by the overwhelming plethora of topics which is only eclipsed by the matching number of blogging and writing platforms to choose from, I figured I’d just heed the challenge from the team and get started.

So today I decided — lets just start and see where it leads.

It already feels great.

Oh yeah — I heard about Scott Dinsmore as I live in Arusha Tanzania and climbed Kilimanjaro for my 40th birthday in October 2015. I learned of Scott’s untimely death on the same mountain early that year, which prompted me to look him up, and that led me to the liveyourlegend movement.

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