The Psychology of Fascism
umair haque

Umair, thanks for the stimulating perspective on fascists. It may be indeed so that the roots of fascist movements are fueled by the insecurities you describe. Though, if so, then who are then the fascist leaders? Are they driven by other impulses? Are they master manipulators seeking to channel large groups of people with these types of fascist/insecure tendencies to their own ends or journey to unchallenged power?

Another question that arose for me, was how this pairs with religion and the rise of authoritarianism. In the US the evangelicals have surprised us all with their flexibility. They also seem to be struggling with the general rise of populism (which is not necessarily fascist but is most often coopted by fascists and frequently negatively impacts civil societies IMHO). Why would the christian fundamentalists so clearly align with Trump / Bannon / (Pence) for example?

Whom is coopting whom, today, when it gets to religion and this topic?