The state of Florida has released its turkey hunting season dates for the spring of 2020. The turkey hunting season begins on March 2, and closes on April 7, in South Florida, and spans from March 16 through April 21, for all areas north of State Road 70.

Avid Florida…

In anticipation of the upcoming spring travel season, RV industry expert Bartlow Montgomery Myers expresses the important link between travel and superior mental health.

“It’s something every traveler can feel,” Bartlow Montgomery Myers says, “We’re simply happier when we’re on the road.”
However, Bartlow Montgomery Myers emphasizes that this happiness…

Leading RV sales enthusiast Bartlow Montgomery Myers was one of the first to be informed about recent changes in RV standards within the United States and Canada. Here, Bartlow Montgomery Myers reveals more of what those changes mean for RV dealerships and individual buyers.

For years, Canadian and American RV…

Bartlow Montgomery Myers

Bartlow Montgomery Myers is a fourth generation Floridian, born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida

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