What’s Going on With IKEA Customer Service?

Bart Mroz
Bart Mroz
Oct 9 · 2 min read

A few weeks ago we brought on a new hire and found ourselves short of a chair. In our current space, we inherited all the furniture from the previous occupant, and most of the stuff was from IKEA. We liked the aesthetic and the quality (and the fact that we could match the rest of the furniture), so we decided to purchase a matching chair.

Picking up the chair from the local IKEA was not an option, so I went online. I’ve never had good experiences ordering from their site, and when they used to charge $99 for delivery most purchases were cost-prohibitive. (It’s also why you saw a cottage industry of IKEA eBay sellers.)

But, an employee with no chair is not optimal, so I went ahead and placed the order.

That’s when the fun began.

Chair arrives. It’s missing parts.

I pick up the phone to get customer service and navigate the phone tree to where I thought was the right place.

I’m greeted with this message: “We are currently too busy and you should call at another time,”

That is the actual message.

Multiple calls, different times of day — same message.

Time for Plan B. I look online for other methods of contact, via chat or email. I find an email from and fil it out. I’m informed that I’ll get a response in 48–72 hours.

48–72 Hours? How is this OK?

I grind my teeth and wait, only to receive an email 4 days later, asking which parts I was missing.

Which I had included in the original email sent to them 4 days ago.

Another 4 days have passed and I still have no response.

Yes, I could travel to the store — but the idea of eCommerce is to avoid scenarios like this. The IKEA online experience does not match up with their in-store experience, and apparently I’m not the only one with these types of customer service issues. A quick online search reveals a slew of complaints similar to my own experience.

In Ikea’s case, when your online experience doesn’t align with your in store experience, there’s a huge discrepancy somewhere that needs to be addressed.

As of this writing, I’m still waiting for the parts. I guess until then, our new hire can use my chair.


So after multiple emails and lots of twitter back and forth, the missing part finally showed up yesterday (10/17). And now our new employee can finally sit.

Bart Mroz

Written by

CEO @SUMOHeavy Industries Digital Commerce Strategy Firm http://www.sumoheavy.com

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