How I have launched successful app via ProductHunt

There is a myth that developers don’t finish their projects, which I am trying to prove wrong.

I love creating products, like pretty successful app for note reading on Pebble (Infinite Notes), system-wide mobile adblock (Mobile AdBlock) which didn’t get traction I was hoping for, KFC coupons app, which was second top app in Polish AppStore, automatic DJ suited for you party (SharkList), and few other not really worth mentioning.

It’s really hard though and this joke about side-project didn’t come from nothing. I have countless of projects no one have ever seen. Few more from hackathons which also were never released.

I had another idea that would fix one problem and was worth making. But this time, I was focused on releasing it as fast as possible. Do you know how AppSumo was created in few hours? This was my goal: code and deliver till the end of the day, no excuses.

How to move songs from Spotify to Apple Music

To be honest I have started hacking around solutions for this night before but I have failed, and abandoned a project.

Next day I was skyping with a friend and wanted to show him what I have achieved so far. In the middle of presentation I had one of eureka moments, where I finally figured out how to fix obstacle I had.

Minutes later I had working prototype, which video of I have posted on Twitter. Since I had known ProductHunt, it was my dream to get to the featured section there. My friend Marc (@mfts0) posted it to various people and I got amazing responses.

This was the time to tie up the project and make it release ready. Even though AppSumo says you don’t need anything to release, I had need for simple website, which will be posted to ProductHunt.

It was almost 2 am, I had to work next day, so what to do with a website? Requirements: doable in less than 20 minutes, ability to add Buy me a beer button, flexible for future.

Let’s just copy something I already have! “cp -r ~/SharkList/site/ ~/AppleMusicImporter/site/”, change some texts, add different screenshots, go and get logo from Google Images with CC license and done. Ufff, took me around 20 minutes but I was ready.

How lack of knowledge about ProductHunt scared me

I was really looking forward to get this idea to featured page, so I asked Marc, who can write really beautiful descriptions about products, to be a hunter and to post me on ProductHunt.

I think that after posting and getting about 10 upvotes, STAMP (Spotify to Apple Music Playlist) has disappeared from upcoming section. I had no idea about mechanics of ProductHunt so I was worried that my precious product has been deleted. I couldn’t fall asleep, but finally at 3 am I lied down full of nerves.

I woke up and wrote to support of ProductHunt about my issue, what exactly happened and what does it mean? Am I being featured or not?

Literally 4 minutes later Marc wrote to me that link from ProductHunt pointing to STAMP shows that it will be featured in next 7 hours ❤. I haven’t been so excited for a really long time!


Seeing the success of free version, my brother Mike (@michalhernas) and my friend Krzysztof(@krzKaczor) joined to help and deliver paid solution with bugfixes and direct Spotify import.

Since then we have released quite a few versions, we have added support for Windows and still working on improving STAMP as much as we can.

STAMP got really wonderful support from community and I am proud to say: we did it, we have released it, we have saved many hours for a lot of people.

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