The Language of Sales: An engineer’s perspective

Over the course of the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure (or displeasure?) of writing to lot of people that I was trying to buy services from, but for some reason they think this entitles them to be lazy, so I felt some need to share.

Exhibit 1

Me: “We’re trying to build a software solution that does x, can your system help us do x?”
Them: “Please describe the software solution that you want to integrate with our platform.”

Exhibit 2

Note, I live in a different timezone, I was using theirs for conveniences sake.

Me: “I’m at work from 16:00 PST, so maybe we can schedule a short call around 16:30 PST? Any workday works for me.”
Them: “Thank you for your quick reply. I’ll send over a calendar invitation for Wednesday, November 11th at 7am your time (14:00 PST).”

The meeting time was set in PST, so it’s not like they just made a mistake converting the timezones, which I could’ve understood. I can only assume they regularly come in 2 hours early just to get a sales pitch…

The people I communicated with apparently live in their own reality. A reality where they get to ignore the things I write.

It’s not the first (or only) time this happened, and it’s starting to bug me. What is the reason people do this, and how do they get away with it? Is it just that their product is so useful that people buy it anyway? How many people actually leaving the sales funnel because of this shit?

I find it’s often the ‘Please contact us to discuss your personal package’ companies that do this. I never have problems buying things from companies that just sell their service directly. In general their support is decent as well.

If you have any, please share your perspectives.