Eric Schmidt Says: Everybody Needs A Coach
Ravi Raman

I have only had the chance to work with a coach once, but that one time changed a LOT. As soon as I stepped into the room, it was like he knew me better than the girl that I just parted ways with, we were together for three years. He helped me understand why I was doing things for years on end and how that affected me. I’ll always remember, he called it the “IKEA stack”. Every time I gave up on my own wishes or didn’t do something I really wanted to do to help her, I lost a bit more of myself. E.g. whenever I went with her to shop for a stupid IKEA cabinet instead of watching the Champions League final, I stacked a box of ‘inside frustration’ on another box. The more I did this, how more likely it was for this stack to tumble over, for me to tumble over. This insight didn’t only work for me personally build I learned a great deal about how I could be more successful with my business.

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