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Just in Time for Earth Day

The Republican Legislature of Idaho has acted just in time for Earth Day! Thanks to these dumb asses, a species that was previously on the Endangered Species List as recently as last year has been made vulnerable again.

Idaho Senate Bill 1247 allows the hire of private contractors for killing wolves in Idaho. The Idaho Senate Resources and Environment Committee has taken advantage of its current majority rule to approve the “disposal” of wolves, a convenient term for extermination. …

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Is Personal Branding Essential for Success on the Internet?

Perhaps this is a cliché, but it would appear on the surface that “Personal Branding is a Necessary Evil” of the 21st Century’s Social Media society.

Whether personal branding is a good thing or not is a matter of one’s own opinion, experiences, and perhaps success, or lack thereof in using the Internet for marketing and promotion. As an individual that borders between the Baby Boomer & Generation X generations, the notion of needing to develop my brand has been both intriguing and somehow terrifying all at the same time. …

Revealing the Science Fact of Space Exploration

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The following is the third in a series of articles discussing why humans need to continue Space Exploration and build colonies off-world. The article identifies a few specific examples from humankind’s history showing how we have progressed scientifically to overcome the technological challenges of the unknown and turned science fiction into science fact.

Jules Verne, “From the Earth to the Moon”

If one were so inclined to research historical reviews of Jules Verne Science Fiction novel (1865) “From Earth to the Moon,” you would find plenty of critics and detractors to say that it was just fantasy, and man would never land on the Moon. …

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The Sky is Falling

Major media outlets have been following and reporting on the re-entry of China’s Long March 5B rocket booster.

The uncontrolled re-entry of debris from the Long March 5B will provide Earth-bound observers with a spectacular light show created by the atmospheric burn-up of 25 tons of Chinese state-of-the-art rocket technology. The re-entry is being monitored by the United States Space Command, Russia Space Agency, and numerous other groups with interest and anxiety.

A key factor is that China has released limited information on the design of its heavy-lift rock. The issue is further exacerbated because these rocket re-entries are uncontrolled

Do humans have a responsibility to be caretakers of the Earth and save its species from extinction?

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We share the planet with 8.7 million known animal species and 390,900 known plant species, and over 1 million species of insects. The number varies a bit depending on what sources you choose to use to extract the information.

The bottom line is if we combine these numbers, we have over 10 million known living species on the Earth. Seems like a substantial number of species to the average person.

Why all this talk about the extinction of species?

According to the UN Environment Programme, a more telling number is that 150 to 200 plants, insects, birds, and mammals become extinct every 24 hours. …

A Tragedy of the Commons

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My first memory of the ocean was as a grade-schooler visiting Groton, Connecticut. The memory is cold, wind-blown with a hint of salt and sulfur tainting my nostrils for the first time. As I gazed out over the oceanfront, you could hear the waves crash against the rocky shoreline with a slurp, slurp, slurp. The day was late November, with the sky covered in sheets of flannel grey and white. A stray seagull flew overhead, looking for his compadres of warmer times.

A dozen years passed until I had a chance to revisit the seashore. As I recall, it was…

Insurmountable Obstacles be Damned!

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Having been up close to some of the early technologies used to get humans into Space, the issues of cramped quarters, disposal of human waste, and dealing with others’ personalities and idiosyncrasies on a long journey will be no picnic. There will be no way station at which to dock along the way. There are other significant hurdles to cross, such as extended exposure to radiation, loss of bone density, and no chance of rescue if something goes awry.

Despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, I believe we will return to the Moon and onto Mars in this Century. Unless, of…

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Memories from Kennedy Space Center

Memories can be funny things. Any of the five senses can trigger one’s memory, while at other times, we struggle to remember the simplest thing as the spelling of a word or recalling someone’s name.

Filmmakers and documentarians will sometimes use a series of photos to assist individuals in triggering memories of events in their lives. Those wisps of thoughts that appear to us in daydreams are sometimes long forgotten. While at other times, the mind produces a flash of memory, a vivid image that abruptly takes you back to a point in time, reliving the moment again.

One of…

Here is a screenshot from my android phone of one of the helpful reports available to the user.

As many of you know that read these articles, I have struggled with Type 2 Diabetes since I have been 38. Despite having diabetes for 20 years, I am approaching my sixth decade of having the opportunity to explore the marvel of this beautiful drama called life. The 4th of February will be my 59th birthday, and I feel fortunate to be physically vibrant, have all my cognitive skills, and continue exploring my spirituality.

Despite this optimism, I recognize that a daily vigilance must be maintained to balance physical health and well-being versus overindulgence and life’s excesses. As the New…

Providing Real Pain Relief from Sore Throats

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As a diabetic, I am always concerned that things like the flu, colds, sore throats, and other minor illnesses hit me harder than the average healthy individual. When it comes to my health, I take this seriously and do my best to stay healthy. I find it easier to keep fit than battling viruses and flu bugs after the fact. I walk three miles a day, five days a week, try to make low carb food choices, and get eight hours of sleep each day. …

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