Why are so many second wave feminist women supporting Hillary Clinton over Jill Stein?

Why are so many second wave feminist women supporting Hillary Clinton over Jill Stein?

Second wave feminists have a longer “relationship” with Clinton, who, before her carefully manufactured facade collapsed exposing her brutal corruption, seemed like one of those great pioneering women. In actuality she is not. She has never actually ascribed to feminist values, if you look at her record of deeds. Her record is rife with death, lies, greed, all demonstrating an extreme disregard for others, for the value of human life, and for any ideas of fairness.

Being older, the second wave feminists have been exposed to, and programmed with, the binary system fear mongering for more years than their younger counterparts. The longer one has been exposed to the fear mongering about “throwing away your vote” if you vote for someone other than a democrat or republican, the more insidious that thinking is within one’s mind.

More than anything, I think second wave feminists see themselves in Clinton more than they do in Stein, because Clinton has spent decades of time and millions of dollars manufacturing an image of herself as a feminist. Stein is not a polished politician. She hasn’t spent time and money portraying herself a certain way, she’s just been running for office for a decade or so.

What I am learning from watching so many second wave feminists choose Clinton is that emotion and patterned imprinted ideas really can supercede critical thinking, and, as we already knew, especially when one is on the receiving end of lots of fear messages.

I am asking you second wave feminist women, many of my friends, to please think about what I’ve written, and to do some deeper analysis of your own relationship with the fear button that is constantly being pushed by the Clinton (Trump is the bogeyman) propaganda. Imagine…if the election were legitimate (big if) and more people voted for Stein than either Trump or Clinton, what might happen? And if the election is rigged, then it doesn’t matter who you vote for, so you may as well vote for the person whose values actually resemble your own.

In short, I think second wave feminists supporting Clinton are doing so as a result of being manipulated by the Clinton fear machine, and not out of their best critical thinking.