Discovery Phase: Interview and Affinity Diagrams
Natalya Buchwald

I actually had a second language curriculum in my elementary and middle school. However, the experience was not the best and I did not retain much of what I learned. We had the choice between learning Italian and Spanish and I chose Italian. The experience was so bad that I wholeheartedly switched to Spanish in high school without looking back.

Thinking back to what went wrong I think it was because the learning experience was not very fun as it was mostly rote memorization and writing work. Also, as a complete novice to Italian I think the curriculum was actually too challenging to keep up with and it was too boring.

Perhaps, technology could be implemented in order to enhance the learning experience. I am curious as to how your team will apply technology in a way that will increase learning gains, since it sounds very appealing compared to the learning experience I had in elementary/middle school.

However, in high school my Spanish class tried to implement technology through collaborative competitive quiz games that we would participate in through computers. This was really fun and incentivized students to be highly engaged but in terms of learning gains it was more of a game than a substantial learning experience. Hopefully, your team can find a way to apply technology in a way that is enhancing and not only additive.

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