…and the results were even better than expected. Here’s what I changed:


This made all the difference in the world. I was tired of getting notification banners in the middle of writing an email or journal because I would completely lose my place or give up on it altogether. I turned off all notifications for apps besides phone & video calling (unchanged), messaging, and a few social media ones.

For message notifications (iMessage, Facebook Messenger, email), I changed the notifications to only show up in the notification center and make a sound. No badges, definitely no banners, and no lock screen. Rationale is as follows. Badges distract me when I have to switch apps in the middle of a task. Banners were already mentioned. Lock screen notifications distract me as I usually only stay on the lock screen to check the time and don’t like getting sucked into responding from there. …


Maxwell Barvian

Dedicated problem solver with a passion for learning and iteration.

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