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I built a tiny sauna with heat lamps (and highly recommend it)

This $100 open-ended box of oak wood, heat lamps, and chicken wire has been a part of my daily routine for just over a month now, and I plan on taking one with me wherever I end up moving. Here are some thoughts:

  • Near infrared light seems like a great complement to blue light. I usually use blue in the morning as it’s far more stimulating, then the sauna before bed because it’s extremely relaxing and easier to sweat around bedtime.
  • Being in this type of sauna brings quite a few psychological effects. It feels pretty similar to a light meditation session.
  • It doesn’t require much discipline or motivation, at least for me. I actually look forward to it more than anything. If I start and I’m not feeling it, I just get out. It’s refreshingly stress-free and enjoyable, especially for such a widely praised health practice with many research-backed benefits.
  • Some companies make very good infrared saunas, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the cost and satisfaction of having built one yourself. I find myself appreciating my pretty amateur craftsmanship when I use it. It makes a perfect weekend project and the materials are easy to find.
  • Sunglasses are optional. Don’t look at the bulbs.

Thanks for reading; please share comments/experiences if you have them. 👋🏻

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