These days, Baryn Futa spends his time trying to cultivate an appreciation of arts in as many people as possible. He sees arts as a cause that benefits all of society, not just as a profitable and useful investment. Art is important enough to preserve for future generations. Just as the art of our past puts us in touch with our ancestors, preserving art for our descendants will serve as a bridge from the past to the future. To Baryn, that makes art collections and art museums extremely important.

Baryn Futa didn’t always have such a deep appreciation for art. In fact, it wasn’t until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum that started to appreciate the importance of art. He also started his own art collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive. In addition to lending his own pieces to museums, Baryn Futa also holds memberships in many prominent art museums with impressive collections of their own, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and The Jewish Museum. …

These days, it is no secret that Baryn Futa sees art as a great cause that benefits all of society. However, this love of art is actually quite late in arriving. It wasn’t until Baryn retired and started work at the Denver Art Museum that he gained a true appreciation of the beauty and significance of art and a realization that artists were important elements of a society’s identity and legacy. No one was more surprised than he when he developed such a love of art, but he has since cultivated that.

At the DAM, Baryn Futa attended as many art classes and exhibits as possible and he eventually established his own art collection, which has become very extensive over the years. While art is certainly a profitable investment and a great hedge against economic downturns, he sees art as more important in other ways. After all, art defines a culture. It is absolutely the case that the art of the past puts us in touch with our ancestors in ways nothing else can, which why Baryn Futa feels we owe it to future generations to preserve as much art as possible. …

What is considered “High Art”? Is this a term that is defined by the value of the work itself? Perhaps it is defined by the popularity or reach of the work? Matthew Arnold is quoted as saying in regards to High Culture as being “the disinterested endeavour after man’s perfection” pursued, obtained, and achieved by an effort to “know the best that has been said and thought in the world.” So one could draw from this description that High Art is considered the works that endeavour after the perfection and attempt to know humanity better. Baryn Futa has a deep love for art and strives to preserve it whenever possible. Baryn Futa supports High Art especially because of its impact on humanity.

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