The Artful Side of Baryn Futa

It is true that, despite his reputation now, Baryn Futa hasn’t always had the deep appreciation for the arts that he shows now. When he retired and began to work with the Denver Art Museum, however, something struck him and he suddenly realized just how important the arts is the furthering of a society and the culture it develops. While still at the DAM, he became an art lover and he actively cultivated what has since become a deep love affair with the arts and art history.

Baryn Futa became such an arts patron that he attended every art fair and museum exhibition he could and he also attended arts classes and even began his own art collection, which has since grown to such a degree that is it considered among the most impressive collections in the country. In fact, it is so impressive that he is even asked to loan pieces to many prominent museums. As a top line arts patron, Baryn Futa has memberships in many of the best art museums, including the Guggenheim and MOMA. His passion for the arts leads Baryn Futa to encourage everyone to appreciate the arts as much as he does.