Storytelling Should Be the Number One Skill You Want to Improve
Jon Westenberg

I disagree. Not only is it exaggerated, but also quite a primitive way of thinking.

Do stories matter? Absolutely. Is storytelling important in our society today? Absolutely. That’s why we have a President named Trump. And Brexit.

Defining storytelling as an important skill and asset to have nowadays is like promoting drug cartel skills as a way to succeed. Does it work in the short run? Yes. Does it make you strong and wealthy, and “successful"? Yes. Does it have any intrinsic value? No. Does it contribute to long-term prosperity? No, in fact quite the opposite.

People are not babies. That’s way stories are told to children. Children who have not developed into mature, thinking individuals need stories. When the brain stops developing — around 22–24 years of age — human beings must have reached the point of having the ability to comprehend logical, abstract and complex matters. Not only is storytelling underestimating our capabilities, but also killing our creativity and making our brains lazy. In short, it makes us stupid at the expense of pure entertainment with no value and personal promotion with no global benefit.

I’m tired of the storytelling narrative. We don’t need stories, we need facts, documents, arguments and principles. Otherwise, we will live in a superficial society governed by superficial “storytelling" individuals who possess only that skill and nothing else.

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