Uber’s CEO is out because of pressure, not some ethical epiphany from the board

Pressure counts if it is continuously being applied. The moment Uber is left alone, they will start using the same old tactics, just in new flavors. Everything they are doing now, and will be doing in the future, is superficial. Deep down they are what they are, and change is extremely hard to achieve, almost impossible at that scale.

What I don’t understand though is why you care so much about that company that you applaud “the change” as a result of that external pressure. Unless you are heavily invested, I don’t understand loyalty — many and better alternatives exists. I’d personally love Uber to go out of business.

By the way, the same is valid for United. Both provide an A to B spatial service. The difference being though that the whole customer experience of United sucks, while you may find something minimally positive while using Uber.

At any event, I want much more legroom in United economy — what pressure should I apply, how and where to?

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