Highest Paying URL Shorteners in 2017

URL shortener websites are great way to make money online. They allow all newbies and webmasters to make money through their valuable links. As a newbie who is looking to make money online, URL shortener websites provide him/her a good opportunity to earn money just by sharing links on internet whereas, webmasters can monetize the links present on their website/blogs without loosing any space of their website and without annoying their visitors.

Ads provided by URL shortener website are less intrusive and run for few seconds only, mostly for 5 seconds and therefore they do not annoy visitors. Some URL shorteners ask visitors to fill up the captcha code which visitors take as a security step by the website owner and therefore they won’t mind filling CAPTCHA and help you in generating a good income from your links.

I usually short my external links, mainly those links that point a file that people are desperate to download and therefore, they wont mind watching 5 second ads and in return i get some good income.

So, today in this article i am going to share some good URL shortener websites that you can use to monetize your links. The below mentioned list of URL shorteners is a mixture of new and old URL shorteners.

So, here’s the list of 10 best paying URL shortener websites in year 2017:


LinkMus is my favorite URL shortener website, it started early in last year and gained popularity very quickly. The reason of gaining popularity very quickly is it is the highest paying URL shortener in the world. Also good services and on time payments made it popular. So far after using it for around one year i have never faced any delay in payments. They pay on time and every time. This is one of the source of my regular income. It offers high rates for all traffic and that is the reason why i like it the most.

Also unlike other URL shorteners, LinkMus has a special ad type called lockers. Basically users have to download a free app or they have to watch a small video to pass through the link and this pays about $1 per each visitor. You can use this to lock download links or videos and earn really good income.

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Shortest is also my favorite URL shortener as it provides full control to its users. It allows you to remove any kind of ads that you don’t want to show your visitors. I like it because of its simple and non-intrusive ads. Also, they provide a very good stats reporting system. They have recently updated their stats reporting system and also, launched a new link search feature.

Apart from the latest changes made by Shortest, they offer high rates and offer some very innovative tools that can increase your earnings by huge margin.


Adfly is one of the oldest and most popular URL shortener website. If you have ever used URL shorteners to make money then i am sure you would have heard about it. Adfly is very reliable URL shortener and one of the best in this field. It offers high payout rates, offer multiple ad formats where other URL shorteners offer only one type of ad. Adfly also offers a huge variety of tools to maximize your earnings. The only problem with Adfly is, it is banned in India, so, if you are from India then you might not be able to use it. However, there’s a way to use Adfly, you can reach Adfly website by using https:// protocol instead of http.


It is also one of the oldest and most reliable URL shortener website. Linkbucks is a good option for those who want to earn money through their adult content links as it allows you to short and share both adult and non-adult content links. Linkbucks also pays quickly and offer a huge variety of tools. Like Adfly, it is also banned in India for some unknown reason. However, you can use the similar procedure to bypass it.


Linksas is a new URL shortener website but it is also offering some good services like low minimum payout, timely payments and various tools to maximize your earnings. The rates offered by Linksas are good, so, you can also give it a try.


Ally is also new URL shortener website but it is as good as other URL shorteners. Ally offers a good user interface to its users, their website supports multiple languages, so, you can translate it to your local language. They also offer direct log in option through Twitter and Google Plus accounts. The payout rates offered by Ally are high. Ally also offers some other good facilities like quick payments, low minimum payout, multiple payment options and tools.


Spaste is a URL shortener as well as a paste bin service which helps you in not making money only through your shorten links but also through your valuable content. Spaste offers decent rates for most of the countries and offers very high rates for few countries. Spaste ads are non-intrusive and does not affect the users experience as they ask users to fill up captcha code that they take as a security measure by the website owner.

The minimum payout on Spaste is also low and it pays its users on daily basis.

Final Words:

I have tried to provide the best list of URL shorteners and i hope you will also find them good. I will update this post on regular basis, so, keep visiting here for latest updates about URL shorteners.

Its the start of the year and i hope there are many more URL shorteners to come. I will update this post if i will come to know about some brand new good URL shorteners. If you are using any URL shortener website and think it could be listed here then please inform me in comment section.