TypeScriptBuilder is a project I started to demonstrate the power of TypeScript + React + various other technologies surrounding the two projects.

In 4 short months its achieved quite a lot of functionality. With that I’ve decided that its best to rename the project to something more ambitious : (ALM stands for Application Lifecycle Management).

Why the rename?

There are lots of reasons:

  • I always planned it to be an end to end solution, i.e. the only tool that I need to use personally. Having `builder` in the name didn’t make much sense.
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is a topic that interests me greatly.
  • The kinds of features that we want to work on (basically help you manage and analyze your TypeScript projects) truly fall under the ALM category.
Recently added Dependency View
  • ALM on NPM
  • The domain
  • Its very hard to get someone to type `` without making a typo. But is much easier.
  • Telling someone that they should try ALM tools for TypeScript makes more sense for the project as the typescript compiler is already a builder.
  • Alphabetic priority is helpful, ALM starts with `a`.
  • The executable is still three letters long: alm

More Releases

Having a new project name means that we have the opportunity to reset the version number to 0.0.0. This means that we will automate the release cycle and publish whatever is on master to 0.0.x as preview releases in the near future.

The Future

The original promise was to deliver something tangible by 2017 (its always good to have modest enjoyable goals especially in OSS). That promise still holds. Don’t let that stop you from following the super simple contributing guide and just having fun with the code 🌹