Ideas vs action

We life in a time where each minute or at least every day there is someone with a new idea. In their minds they develop this idea into a big plan about which they are certain to be successful. But there is this last thing these people miss, they forget to take action putting their plan into motion.

Then there are those people who just do things without a plan. They hear of something new and before they realize, they already are doing it. They never look further than the next day. There is no idea, plan or philosophy behind it.

At last there is a group of people that have a lot of ideas. Based on these ideas they create a plan, a vision and a philosophy. It looks like each and every step these people take is calculated and part of their plan. Once their plans are ready, they start to take action by putting their plans into motion.

Some people put those first two kinds of people into groups, thinkers and doers.

These days we life in a time where a lot of successful people are giving their formula for success away. They latterly promote it, and try to get you motivated to do it also. Some even give you a step by step guide in which they explain everything. It’s insane!

Still there is almost nobody, with which I really mean nobody that is doing anything with it.

That’s exactly why they give it away, because they are sure there will be nobody that will do what they did. On the other hand they also share their success because they want you to have the same and in getting there making the world a little better.

I would like to give you a suggestion, just take action. Start with one idea and work it out. If you don’t have any idea don’t worry. Go to a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone else and ask if they have some idea you can help them with.

If that still sounds too hard, go to your boss and ask him if you can put one of his ideas into action. Soon you will start getting ideas because your brain slowly gets the right mindset. Having this right mindset your brain will start asking you questions. Through answering these questions your mind will come up with solutions that will turn into ideas.

The lesson of today:

Take any idea, put it into action, see how it works out and in doing so learn from it.

Thanks for reading!