Ryan Dull: From Scrawny Kid to Oakland A’s Pitcher

By Robert Murray

After a minor-league game last August, everything seemed normal to Ryan Dull. The manager shook each player’s hand, but as soon as he got to Dull, everything changed.

He shook Dull’s hand, then immediately dragged him into the office with all of the coaches, where he would get the news that would change his life: He had received the call to the big leagues to pitch for the Oakland Athletics.

After telling Dull the news, the coaches took Dull back in to the clubhouse to tell his teammates that he was getting called up to be a major-league pitcher.

“You dream of how it’s going to happen, then it actually happens and you are speechless,” Dull said in a phone interview.

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Originally published at www.baseballessential.com on February 22, 2016.

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