How To Fix A Baseball Swing In Golf?

It might not seem like it, but baseball and golf share many similarities, and players are often seen transitioning from one sport to another.

However, one of the most obvious differences between the sports is the swing. In baseball, the ball is moving during the setting up of the swing, while in golf, the ball is stationary.

The balls are also differently positioned, with the golf ball flat on the ground and needing to be lifted with the swing and the baseball a few feet above the ground at the time of the strike.

So, the baseball swing needs to be improved upon to transition it to a successful golf swing.

golf swing
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Focus On Where You Want The Ball To Go

In baseball, the aim is to hit harder and further. In golf, however, the goal is to hit the ball while also being aware of where the ball ends up. You need to visualize the path the ball will take, analyze the line, and consider the ball’s trajectory before swinging.

Head Position Is Key

In baseball, you face the ball square on. But, in golf, you are looking at the ball below you with your head down. Improper head position or raising the head early or quickly will make you hit the Hosel resulting in a Shank or even a mishit.

Take It Slow

While you may have an impressionable swing speed, you need to prevent yourself from giving too much power to your swing until you have mastered your golf form. Remember to be patient and focus on making consistent progress.

Recommended Drills

Some of the drills that will help you with your golf swing are:

How To Fix A Hitch In A Golf Swing?

Even in golf, you may develop a hitch, or a non-smooth motion, in your swing due to a number of reasons. Some of them are:

You need to identify what is causing this hitch and make changes accordingly.

If your hitch is the result of bad balance, you can try practicing swinging from a low tee by keeping your feet close together. The improved balance will help you get rid of excessive motion that causes a hitch.

Good golfers make sure their weight is balanced on the balls of their feet, their bodies bent forward, and hands hanging below their shoulders. This helps them not only avoid a hitch but also swing faster.



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