Advisor announcement: Kevin K. Yang, PhD

Basecamp Research
2 min readJul 20


We are thrilled to announce that Kevin K. Yang, a world-leading expert in the field of protein machine learning, is joining Basecamp Research as an advisor. Kevin’s impressive track record in the field of protein engineering and machine learning makes him an invaluable addition to our team. He has previously worked as a Machine Learning Scientist at Generate Biomedicines, a Flagship Pioneering company, and is currently a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, where he works on deep learning models applied to biological systems, protein engineering & design. His work at Microsoft, Generate, and in the Nobel-prize winning Frances Arnold lab at Caltech, known for its pioneering use of directed evolution for protein engineering, has been instrumental in advancing the field.

Image Credit: Kevin K. Yang

Kevin’s expertise aligns perfectly with Basecamp Research’s mission. As a data-first protein AI company, Basecamp Research has built a data resource tailor-made for deep learning applications: with over 4x greater sequence diversity compared to public databases, Basecamp’s knowledge graph, BaseGraph, links novel ground-truth protein sequences from 5 continents and >50% of global biomes to their full evolutionary, environmental and ecological context. Understanding this context allows Basecamp Research to build a new generation of deep-learning tools, capable of predicting and understanding complex protein behaviour like never before.

On signing on as an advisor, Kevin says: “I’m really excited to work with Basecamp because of their world-class team and unique approach to discovering new protein sequences and annotating protein function.”

Welcome to the team!