3 Tips for Defeating Racism in the age of Donald Drumpf

1. Fight every day

Start today, start where you are. But wake up every day and be angry. Wake up a little seething. Some of us have been angry for years, at other things or people- make use of that anger. Anger is just an energy. Use it to fuel your hunt for racism.

2. Use your momentum

Every time you make a defeat you should celebrate. Ritualize your success. When you make progress one day, come for seconds on the next. When you eat on day two, take a doggy bag for later. Make yourself bigger in your anti-racism every day.

3. Look for racism everywhere

Defeat racism with vigilance. This is the only chance we have to get on the right side of history. Our very lives depend on it.

Eleadah R.Clack is the author of The World Without Racism. Read more at writetheworldfree.com

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