Why have our representatives actually confirmed the likes of Jeff Sessions?

At one point he “called the ACLU and NAACP ‘un-American’ and ‘communist-inspired’.”

And why, with a lease in a federal building — is Donald still available to be the president?

He’s not.

It’s in the contract and that’s a fact.

/ facts are for people/

Facts are for people who want to think because they want to do something. Facts are for people who are looking for the truth because they have something to say. Facts are for doing the right things the right ways.

The facts don’t work when we are dealing with emotions. They don’t work when we are dealing with people who are only looking to feel better. The facts aren’t useful to argue with.

Only a few things work for those Wiley emotions.

1) Manipulation

None of Trump’s picks, or his puppet policy is based in reality. It is all based in a falsehood. A false reality is very easy to manipulate.

Hear me out- I’m not saying we use the same level of ignorance, but we should accept that the tactics work. Since our opponents on the wrong side of history, have chosen this outlook, we must use it against them.

For us this means maneuvering skillfully around the points that cause us the most pain, to attack our enemies whenever they are weakest.

Cornell University Library

A world view based on revisionist history only has one leg to stand on anyway.

To be aware of its deep falseness, you must accept the seeds of truth- we must follow the paper trail of their beliefs. We will have to use revisionist tools to manipulate our way to victory.

2) Fires

Flames get attention. So the right extremists, and The Trump have started fires everywhere. Abortion bans and voter recounts produced huge red bursts of anger from Americans everywhere.

We have to fight those flames with our own. This is a great distraction strategy, and we’ve seen it work on the media especially.

Apart from literally burning our cities down- we can make lots of other noise. The more intentional and necessary the better. The more we instigate- anything to drive attention onto our ultimate goal- the faster we will see racism defeated.

Our flames can sound like music, look like art and share like poems and novellas. We have to engulf the miserable in something else.

Note: This strategy is intended to be paired with sustainable self-care.

Our cries should be equal parts laughter, joy, exuberance, pain, truth and hope- this is how we get over.

3) Food

What these people really are, is hungry for attention, validation and energy. They are emotionally stunted and they want your life force in one way or another. The only way they can think to get it is to force their beliefs and ideology upon you. They will use violence if prompted.

Remember: anything that you can feed you can control.

Feed their attention and they will riot. Feed their validation and they will multiply. Feed their energy and they will escalate.

But be careful because they will always come back for more.

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