The Most Nut Ass Strain of Weed

Reggie aka brick weed aka shwang, is the shit white suburban kids bring to sports team themed parties. It is also the shit niggas used to smoke in like ‘92.

There are several indicators that you smoking that bullshit

  • Full of seeds and stems
  • Ugly ass nugs
  • Basic smell
  • Baby shit green or dirty brown color
  • You not high at all

Quiet frankly, the shit should be illegal. There are some dealers who will mix good loud and Reggie together to make a better profit, it’s some bullshit I swear, but it happens. really the only times you should be smoking this is 1. Never 2. If your bank account on ass or 3. If you get it free (never pass up free weed idgaf).

This is the difference between loud and Reggie:

One side look like mulch while the other is healthy weed. Y’all niggas really putting the shit on your right in ya system?? Do y’all wanna die? To be honest I think that Reggie/mid dealers on some new world order shit and this stuff was put on the streets like how Ronald (Bitch ass nigga) Regan put crack in black communities in the 80's. My point is stay away from it, and based off some facts that I’m making up as I write this, 40% of people who avidly smoke Reggie die within a year of beginning the habit. Especially when they buy off Mexicans.

But in essence, Reggie make ya dick little and it kill you. Stop smoking it

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