Learning from Others: Exploring the Life Purpose of your Network

After completing all the lectures when I came through this project, I realized that it will help me to clarify the ambiguous questions in my mind about life of purpose and the life of immersion. I emailed the sample in advance to 5 persons who are actually my university Teachers and let them know about the purpose of this email but unfortunately I got reply from only two teachers. Then I shared the idea of life of purpose with my roommates who are working in a Multinational Companies and asked them the same questions.

The life purpose of the people whom I talked with is almost same and they all have a common point that we have been sent to this world for a proper purpose and the purpose of life is live according to Islam and Islam teaches us the best way to live a life of immersion. There was a little difference in their answers and everyone was using different approach and their perspectives.

I learned by talking with them that if we live a life of purpose according to Islam and Humanity and involve and engage ourselves fully physically and mentally like our great role model Edhi Sb then we feel satisfaction through our minds and our hearts and as a result we are encouraged to put our efforts more and more to fully immerse our lives.

My conversation with them helped me to enhance the idea of the life of purpose through different perspectives and it almost clarify my ideas about that because this a little bit complex topic and when everyone share their views then it becomes easy and understandable.

Their Whys and their passions were different from mine because their whys were according to their needs and my why is according to my needs and my passion but I noticed one thing common in us that all of us are willing to help the humanity and want to live in peace.

I think that my why totally depends on my family and our people there in village. I made and embraced all sacrifices and pains only for them because when I see myself among the people like Amal Family and professional people and friends from different communities here, then often only one thing comes in my mind that my family has done a lot for me and they have made me a person where I am standing now. They have made sacrifices for me to send me here for education and I believe that one day I will make my family proud of me and bring them a happy and peaceful lives. These all can only be achieved if I embrace the up-coming sacrifices and failures in my way and I am ready to face them and achieve my goal.


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