Meeting with your potential mentor

I made a list of three mentors and then I picked Dr. Yasir Saleem as one that should be my Potential Mentor. He has done PhD in Electrical Engineering and now he is teaching in Dept. of Computer Engineering at UET Lahore for more than 5 years. He has taught in Malaysia for consecutive two years and he is one of the cooperative and mostly liked teachers by his students. Yesterday, I emailed him for a meeting and sent him the below email.

Dear Dr.Yasir Saleem,

I hope you are well and having a great time with your family and the students at the University. I always feel comfortable and motivated when I meet you anywhere especially at your Office. I would love to meet you again regarding choosing my career and the skills that I should develop in order to move forward in my career. I will be very thankful for your precious time.

Best Regards 
 Baseer Hussain

After this, I received his response at morning and he said that I am so happy to hear from you and I am always there at my office from 10:00 am to 4:00pm and you can visit at any time.

As I already did research about Yasir Sb and I made plan to meet him and prepared the following Goals and the Questions to ask.

 To complete my Master Degree with a good grade.
 To avail a good opportunity at one of the MNCs in IT firms.
 To research on the today’s most applicable topic for my Thesis.

 1. I have taken decision to shift my Major from Electrical to Computer Engineering. Is it a good decision and will it help me or not?
 2. Should I start a parallel Job with Master or not?
 3. What programming language should I learn for the today’s grooming technology?
 4. What success looks like in the higher studies as you have?

Then I met him at UET and he was so happy to listen from me about my seriousness about the career and he appreciated me for joining the Amal Academy. I shared all the things (My Goals and the Questions) and he gave me most valuable feedback about my career and said that all the fields are good enough and it all depends upon you and your passion and you can do better in Computer Engineering because this gives you individual skills which are very necessary. He continued and said that it is good to start a job in parallel to your study because it will help you to boost your organizational skills and suggested me 4–5 sites to learn the programming languages like Phyton and Csharp which will help me to put my interest in the Computer Field.

So overall it was a wonderful experience for me and I learned that almost 60–70 percent of our success depends on the mentor who we choose. I sent him follow up email of gratitude about the time and the suggestions he has given me.

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