BaseHealth and the Future of Healthcare Technology

Dan Hoemke, Value-Based Health Solutions, BaseHealth

Here at BaseHealth, we imagine a future where no individual falls through the cracks of our healthcare system. A future where no healthcare provider is blindsided by the development of a new disease. A future where uncovering the unknown risk within new populations is both a routine and crucial exercise ahead of activities as diverse as resource planning, benefits development, and care management. The BaseHealth analytic engine is the foundation upon which all this can be accomplished. A truly predictive model, using clinical, lab, biometric, and other data to create risk profiles for each individual within a given population, the BaseHealth engine is a game changer when it comes to actionable insight.

The BaseHealth engine, described in more detail here, is currently deployed — improving healthcare each and every day. In its current iteration, the BaseHealth engine powers two main use cases: clinical intervention and accelerated “right scoring” for RAF adjudication. Both cases involve the targeted identification of specific individuals. In the clinical intervention use case, individuals are identified for specific interventions related to their health risk factors. The interventions recommended by the engine represent the best opportunity for return on investment (ROI) and improved health outcome. The accelerated “right scoring” for RAF adjudication use case, on the other hand, identifies individuals, prior to any health event, where there appears to be a large discrepancy between their actual health indicators, and their recorded RAF, or risk score. These individuals become high priorities for outreach and wellness checks to reassess their health status and correct risk scores as appropriate. This process improves the accuracy and completeness of appropriate diagnoses, and accelerates the reimbursement associated with high risk patients, as the engine allows health providers to find these otherwise healthy looking patients that much sooner.

Healthcare is rife with new technologies, but what BaseHealth is doing is different. In fact, Redox, a fellow startup in the space working on interoperability issues, recognized BaseHealth as one of 70 companies driving the future of healthcare technology. As Redox said in the article, “healthcare needs technology…in order to give patients the best possible care.” The technology at BaseHealth identifies invisible patients — people who may look fine on paper, but in reality, are on the brink of a cataclysmic health event. Getting to these people in time is life changing, almost as much as delivering on the proper medical care.

Redox’s feature of BaseHealth as a company to watch in the health technology space is some six months old at this point. Six months might as well be eons ago in the tech world, but in healthcare? Six months hardly counts as a unit of measurement it passes so quickly. So while the tech buzz may have long since moved on, BaseHealth — and a whole ecosystem of young startups and creative thinkers — remains committed to driving towards a new future for technology in healthcare. A future that improves on the care we all currently receive as patients at some point or another in our lives.