IT Spending Guide: Place Your Bets

BaseHealth & Banner Health

For so long, technology in healthcare meant either cutting edge medical procedures, or, more recently, the onset of government-mandated electronic medical records. The installation of these massive systems was oftentimes intensive and incredibly costly. Now, in an era when most providers have an EMR installed, the software falls short of the benefits one might expect technology to bring to healthcare. EMRs can be hard to use, and even inhibiting when it comes to providing the best possible care.

These difficulties along with a slew of other factors have spurred a new generation of health technology companies. Using EMRs as a foundation on which to build, these relative health tech newcomers are using modern technology to drive innovative new applications, analyses, and programs. The maturity of these tools varies greatly, but more and more, health systems are willing to take small bets on new technologies — something they couldn’t do with EMRs — in the hopes the investment pays off.

This month, HealthLeaders Media explores these small bets in a feature called IT Spending Guide: Place Your Bets. The article looks at innovative new technologies and specifically the costs and benefits they deliver, as well as the budget and resources they require. One company, CaptureProof, is using remote video monitoring to help clinicians at Weill Cornell automate the Parkinson’s scale from a patient’s home. Another company, Lantern, was introduced at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) as an alternative care pathway for behavioral health conditions, centered around primary care. Meanwhile, BaseHealth is featured, along with our partner Banner Health in our quest to find invisible patients — those individuals at risk for becoming high-risk, high-cost patients.

At Banner Health, the BaseHealth technology is being used to both connect clinicians to invisible patients before they become true high-risk individuals, and to perform an analysis of the financial benefits of various clinical interventions, as well as the best potential health outcomes across the board. The technology has been applied primarily to Banner’s Medicare Advantage population, and as Michael Parris, Banner’s Senior Director for Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Abstraction says, “This gives us a much better way to actually target the right patient that I can do an intervention on. It gives us not just who’s going to get sick, but what and why they are at risk.”

To learn more about BaseHealth’s technology in action at Banner Health, read the full story on HealthLeaders Media. As the article notes, Banner Health is beginning its initial data analysis, so results are just now emerging from the work BaseHealth and Banner have partnered on to date. Be sure to join us at HIMSS18 where those results and analysis will be shared. BaseHealth will be exhibiting in the Solutions Lab Pavilion booth number 14015, and will be presenting on Thursday, March 8th at 11:30AM in the Solutions Lab Pavilion on “Five Gotcha’s in Moving to Risk-Based Contracting.” Dr. Barrie Bradley, the Senior Director of Clinical Performance Analytics at Banner Health will be co-presenting along with Dan Hoemke, Chief Business Officer for BaseHealth.