Tamara StClaire: Why I Joined BaseHealth

Tamara StClaire, COO, BaseHealth

“BaseHealth was able to create something at a personal, discrete level, with the degree of accuracy and insight I’d never seen.” — Tamara StClaire, COO, BaseHealth

Last week the industry came together to celebrate National Health IT Week. For me, I always find that it’s a great opportunity to take stock and reflect on the industry we are all so devoted to.

It may sound cliché, but I’m devoted to the triple aim — wait, the quadruple aim: high quality care at a lower cost with better patient and care-giver experience. At Xerox, as Chief Innovation Officer for commercial healthcare, my team and I had spent nearly two years doing research on population health management and launching a solution to the market. I knew the landscape well and realized that cracking this nut would go a long way toward realizing the changes we need in healthcare. Nearly a year ago I was introduced to Jason Pyle, the Chief Executive Officer at BaseHealth. He introduced the company’s analytics engine and application around risk stratification. Initially I was very skeptical — a lot of companies say they can stratify a cohort. But after meeting him in person, I knew BaseHealth had something special and I wanted to be involved.

Having several years of experience on the ground trying to put together PHM solutions, I knew that nobody had realized great clinical outcomes or bent the cost curve. Few companies also had invested years aggregating the amount of data that BaseHealth had — enough to identify individual patients with underlying risks for 43 chronic diseases. Because of that, they were able to create something at a personal, discrete level, with the degree of accuracy and insight I’d never seen.

Over the course of my career I’ve worked at both large companies and startups, and BaseHealth is at that startup phase that I consider my sweet spot. I enjoy growing an organization, taking something that’s working well and figuring out how to scale it. And that’s what I’m going to do at BaseHealth — I can’t wait to see the progress we’re able to make by the time National Health IT Week rolls around in 2018!