TLDR summary

Can you please exercise article §16 of the Nature Conservation Act?

Technical details

I was ready to accept the verdict — did not win the auction.

It was the existing appeal that made me realize — there is some chance!

TLDR: climate change adaptation, protecting the Ocean, innovative governance, exponential technologies

What is a 51% attack?

A brief explanation from Investopedia:

A 51% attack is an attack on a blockchain by a group of miners who control more than 50% of the network’s mining hash rate.

What is a 51% peaceful takeover?

@lemiscate — working at Aave

@kaiynne — founder of Synthetix

Both Synethix and Aave are multi-billion dollar DeFi protocols, no wonder these guys are thinking big.

Why Tuvalu?

  • 12k people
  • $3.5k GDP per capita
  • 4m highest point (going underwater)
  • small on land, big on the water:
    “It is a very small island country of and is 26 km2 (10 sq mi)…

The final price was €380k, our maximum bid was €260k

We didn’t have enough committed funds to make the winning bid.

TLDR: we need to decide what to do next, your feedback kindly appreciated

Some updates

Latest newsletter

Latest blogpost

The information about the auction was a pretty big deal.

Ethereum mainnet

I recently launched Network State Genesis — Passport NFT on the Ethereum mainnet:

Email from Uzbekistan

Ethereum is prohibitively expensive to use.

As I am a school teacher at a school in a far village of Uzbekistan, receiving a monthly salary of $180, I can not afford to pay for it. Although I am open to contribute to any studies, observations, data analysis, helping the community to grow.

I was aware of the consequences of using ETH and high gas…

Operating within the realm of the ⚖️ as well as ⏰

I was casually touching base…

I just wanted to remain in touch…

I wasn’t expecting such an answer…

The property is on auction again. Please find enclosed auction notice.

Google image search: I actually, personally preordered CyberTruck and you can use my referral link.

As they say, everyone is a genius in the bull market.

Check the coins that I picked roughly a month ago.

Not all of them have a good point of entry anymore that’s why PART 2

Use that historical post as a reference FACT CHECK about the investment thesis.

Ultra low-cap 💎💎💎

And the actual use case and the actual product that I can understand.


Low maintenance, low risk options

Real-life situation

I have a friend, let’s call her Alice, who has 1 BTC

Alice is not very technical, her approach is:

“I don’t know, so I don’t touch”

To be fair, I think this is the correct way.

If you don’t touch — keep your cold storage cold — then SAFU.

I want to encourage her to DYOR simply because there are gains to be made compared to just HODL.


Definitely not CeFi (and laughable 6%)

Not your keys, not your crypto.

BlockFi raised some funds but there are lessons from history that make US jurisdiction a massive risk factor:

Maybe Sushi?

  • Market leader
  • Multi-billion dollar protocol

DYOR ultra-low cap coins that might be going 100x





We are in the middle of a raging bull market, a time when random dudes on the internet are coming out of the woodworks to shill you coins.

I’m not a doctor: that’s not a medical advice

I’m not a lawyer: that’s not a legal advice

I’m not a financial advisor: this is not financial advice but with that in mind, you should always DYOR and never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

I’m not your friend: I’m pumping my bags. You should never trust random dudes on the internet who have their own incentives.

I did my research.

You should DYOR — do your own research.

Once you have a…

Remember some time ago:

Initially, BaseX was Island DAO, originating from Estonia DAO.

There were a number of reasons behind that shift. Now it is changing again, back to the DAO, back to the roots. Again, a number of reasons:

  • Lessons about the community ($SUSHI, @NomiChef)
  • Mars no longer full time
  • New tools becoming available, such as
  • Figuring a workaround to address some issues with the DAO

Back in a day, the “rage quit” was a concern. …

Mars Robertson

Creative force multiplier. Effective altruism, exponential technologies. Come and join me at BaseX island!

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