Hey Bas, hope you’re well!
Olivier Parfait

Hey Olivier, thanks for the feedback. Makes sense, I’ve heard that Discover Weekly is heavily weighted by what tracks get saved to other playlist, but I think this matters a little less with Release Radar, though it must definitely be playing a part.

I think other factors, like artists you’ve listened to and have saved in your playlists, combined with recency of their music releases weigh much more and therefore ‘average’ users shouldn’t really notice too much. But I might be wrong.

Perhaps the really hardcore users, who listen to many different artists all the time, follow thousands, have hundreds or thousands of playlists… they might notice it and get stuck inside a feedback loop… but still, I think the risk of that is much smaller than with Discover Weekly.

We’ll see.

Personally, I never ran that recipe for Discover Weekly, but occasionally get stuck into weeks or months of super lame recommendations. Finally got back into a good series of playlists that last 2–3 weeks. :-)