Join Us ! Spread the warmth !

According to data collated from the Zonal Integrated Police Network and the Ministry of Home Affairs, the death toll of the homeless crossed 350 in just the initial 6 weeks of winters last year in Delhi alone.

Year after year I see people struggling in winters, such news reports deaths because of extreme cold weather in Delhi NCR, I am sure you must have too. But, what have we done?

I had my reasons and limitations. Long working hours and weekend to unwind. Emphathy was always there, but then I would blame the logistics and push. How can I reach homeless people in night and distribute winter needs.

But now, I have been lucky to receive the love and support from people and industry, its time to give back to society. With the like-minded, super generous and hard working team, we are going to make these winters less miserable for the homeless people. Now the question would be, are we starting an NGO? Nope. I am yet to retire to do that :)

Rather, this is just giving back to go forward, as much as we can and trusting the universe. We start with the winter needs of the unprivileged ones.

Our team has contributed a decent amount to buy these essentials. We are accumulating woollens from our homes and from our near and dear ones. We have our visits planned for the weekend to the slums of Delhi NCR, roadsides and distribute these warmers to the needy.

Guess what, we have reduced our working hours to 8 hrs from 9 hrs. So that the volunteers can have spare time to contribute. We have identified places with homeless people. A section in the office has been sanctioned to keep these woollens. We now sort them according to age and size. Our winter interns seem excited to take ownership of it. This is why I love working with these millenials ! :)

We all know empathy is the starting point for creating a connected community (something AI can never build) and its time to take action. You can contribute too, feel free to send across warm clothes to our office address and we will make sure it reaches the needy.

We are a small team wherein our reach is confined to NCR, we will do our best. December is already here and we all are aware of Dilli ki Sardi, so without wasting a single day we wish to get on with this. I am sure you all would agree to the emotion behind this initiative and would motivate us. Most of you would have already started looking for the woollens you don’t intend to wear this winters. While we await the next EOSS, how about making some space in the wardrobe by sharing the warmth with the needy? A simple gesture could go a long way.

We don’t encourage money contribution but just warm clothes.

Also, if you know of spots where people sleep without warm clothing, send us the picture and location at this 8800444486, we will make sure the person gets the help ASAP.

As Churchil said — We make a living with what we GET but we make a life with what we GIVE.

So, join BASHians to make these winters better for the less privileged fellow human beings. Thank you!

Office Address — 152, Tower B2, Spaze iTech, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

You can also write to me at barkha(at)

Warm Regards,