BASH TURNS 1 today ! The Journey : Season 1 Episode 12

A few years ago, you could have raised money with a PowerPoint presentation. Today, the expectations of investors are much higher (rightly So). Investors want to see working products with paying customers before writing you a cheque.

But what should you do if you’re a non-technical founder with no way of building your idea yourself? Recruit a team? Hire a freelancer? Break your savings? Beg friends and family for their savings?

This is challenge number 1 which came into my mind when I was having a quick recap of the exciting year just passed.

Oh, the important bit. turns 1 today. It was in January last year when I quit my full time job to pursue entrepreneurship. After many raised eyebrows and people far away from the reality trying to give you reality checks. I took the plunge.

All while having one thing clear in my head.

Don’t disrupt an industry, disrupt the thinking (read this somewhere). While many entrepreneurs are busy trying to build the next Uber or Facebook. My focus was on the benefits derived from the product where I could improve the HR function.

We launched to some phenomenal response. We got covered by numerous publications. We were flooded with request for demos from the top shots. The likes of whom we had to target in FY 2019 were reaching out to us !

One important business call we took was to let the consumers drive our product development and enhancements. It is very easy to fall prey to the thought that you know what the customer wants. This leads to a lot of assumptions. The problem with assumptions is that they could fail and push your development plan back by days.

Thats why, instead of hard selling or flooding our blog with product info, we talked about how today’s HR function was lagging behind the tech adoption , or why and how current processes are broken. This initiated conversation and the customers shared feedback which we incorporated.

One core learning for me has been the need for discipline in life. A routine. Entrepreneurship is a emotional journey. Euphoric days can be followed by days you doubt the existence of everything.

You start thinking maybe the corporate job wasn’t that bad. Waking up at 7AM, sleep walking to the shower, frantically getting dressed into socially acceptable clothes, pouring myself a cup of caffeine, Managers breathing down your neck. Smiling at your coworker’s snide comments.

Productivity blogs make it look easy. You’re constantly bombarded with amazing feats that only these mythical morning people can achieve. Watching these Zombies end world poverty and answering 50,000 emails after their cold water showers etc etc all before 8AM somehow makes you feel guilty for oversleeping.

My suggestion. Don’t fight this. You will get your groove back. These low days will act as the springboard. This guilt will push you further. You might be a “bat person” and not work well morning routines. Create your own world. Don’t try live someone elses.

I have been lucky to have the support of a splendid team. Someone always picks up when someone burns out. It is no questions asked. Family has been super helpful and supportive. Friends don’t question me ditching a plan because I have something else do. They understand if I feel like unwinding and not acting the like earlier version of me.

Its been a happy first year. But as with life, with growing up comes its own sets of issues. We are quite eager and excited to face these. Thank you for your support. If you are reading this, some way or the other you did have an influence on me and BASH.

Cheers and Bring on year 2 !!

Barkha & Tanay