In application development, you will want to deploy to multiple environments (development, testing, staging and production, for example) as the project progresses through a software development lifecycle. When designing software as a service, a condition of a twelve-factor app is that each environment should be as close to parity as possible.

If an integration deployment is successful and passes fitness tests (unit, integration and performance) then deploying to production can be made with confidence — making the continuous integration process repeatable and predictable.

Keeping parity also ensures that deployment issues can be found and mitigated early on in your development lifecycle — this is commonly known as ecological validity. …

Crawl Errors occur when a search engine (such as GoogleBot) attempts to index your site but encounters an error (usually HTTP 404). Examples of a crawl error includes:

  • The href of a link on your site does not exist (dead link)
  • A crawler re-indexes your site and finds that an existing page no longer exists (e.g.: file removed or renamed).

These can have undesired effects on your site as search engines will perceive you negatively if your website is incomplete or inconsistent. Fixing these issues is quite straightforward if your site is hosted on S3 (including if you’re using CloudFront).

There are two ways to redirect requests within Amazon S3: via metadata in singular files or a directory using routing rules. …

This year saw the 106th annual Model Engineer Show and the advent of the maker section. This year being held at the Sandown Racecourse and Exhibition Centre in Esher (Surrey, UK), the showcase traditionally displays hundreds of community and commercial stalls including steam boilers and model railways (to name a few).

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This photo is from the Guildford Model Engineering Society, one of hundreds of stands from the more traditional exhibitors.

Maker movement

With the rise of the maker movement, the event this year invited makers to show their portfolio of works. …

This article is a brief introduction into electronics for web developers which allows you to control circuits from a web-based interface. Download the code samples from the GitHub Repository.

Originally presented at the Mini Maker Faire Elephant & Castle on 6 July 2013.

Original format was provided as a PowerPoint presentation, it has been reformatted for the web.


The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to:

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Basic hobby electrical engineering
  3. Node.JS and WebSockets

This tutorial has been designed for Web Developers who are interested in physical computing.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to demonstrate how to complete the…

If you’re developing a website and you’d like to show a colleague in the same office what you’re working on, free services like and make it easy to get connected to your computer from any other computer on your subnet.

However you need to configure your Apache web server to respond properly to these addresses. This implementation provides you with a zero-configuration approach to setting up projects to be accessed on your local home or workplace network.

Enable the VHOST module

There are two ways that you can enable the mod_vhost_alias module for the Apache web server.

Option 1: if you’re using an operating system that supports a2enmod, connect to your server (e.g.: via SSH) and type the…

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Originally presented on 10 October 2010.

Pecha Kucha comes from the Japanese phrase ペチャクチャ, meaning “Chit Chat”. It is a format for presenting were a deck of 20-slides are each shown for 20 seconds.

On 10 October 2010, I had the privilege of presenting at the Asia Pacific Pecha Kucha night in Brisbane, Australia. Provided is a verbatim transcript of the presentation accompanied with the slides and videos from the evening.

To find out more about the presentation, view Studio Farrago’s profile on the Pecha Kucha website.


Bashkim Isai

London-based Creative Technologist specialising in Tangible Media and Web Development.

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