I remember every little detail from that night.

It was a cooler June day. Towards the end of the month. I was so proud of all that happened that day. I was with some of my closest friends. We got to walk through the streets of Chicago. Some were full of screaming drunks and laughing stoners while others were completely bare, just the occasional dog walker or so. Before we trekked the streets, we got to be apart of the event. It was thrilling. But the best part was the evening after all the other friends left. And it was just the four of us.

We ate and talked. We took to where our minds wanted us to go. To sandy places. To quiet nooks. We were like pioneers, but it was all known territory for me, but because of the people, it all felt so different. It was a much looser feeling since no command, no direction, no control was needed to make things run smoothly. It felt like what I wished everything could feel like. I can remember the attire of the day or the feeling of the area I sat in watching them laugh as I smiled to myself pondering on the great day behind me.

Even as we left, it still felt like I was experiencing the same care free people in worry free time. We had no rush as we wandered over to our next destination. It was like walking on clouds. There was no exhaustion from the distance, only euphoria from the story each step had. The night ended in a mutual fondness of the day. We all hoped there would be times like this in the future, but we also knew that nothing would ever be quite the same way as that day.

To this day, things have never been quite like back then.

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