Reimagined — The last female on earth sat alone in a room, there was a knock on the door

Akhilesh Sharma
May 12, 2019 · 3 min read

As the sun went down on the planet that was once called earth by its inhabitants , a shadowy creature appears from beneath the soil. Dark in color, covered with soil and laden with tiny spoilt ligaments which are not better than any filth one can come across.

The sky above is dark greyish hue in color and dust covers the atmosphere like some shaken giant dust globe. The creature with its massive looking brain, senses the nature around , with an absolute thirst of exploring the newly found dimension of reality.

Pondering about on how to comprehend the massiveness of this dimension, it slowly begins its descent from the barren slope. With massive tornadoes thundering in the background he growls like no other beast ever known to the previous ruler of this planet has ever know. Searching for life around, it senses some frequency static miles away.

A girl not more than 23 years of age makes her rickety bed in a small hut below the hill marking the end of the day, after feasting on the unfinished deer she had managed to kill the day before. She knew it would be a cold night as it got very cold, every 14 days or so.

She had known life to be a massive mystery. Unable to read or write, she has no exposure to any past experiences that humanity had shared with itself. She was less than 5 when someone left her in that hut. The only thing she knew in the world were, her home the hut, her hand made spear and some tiny bits of language she faintly remembers.

As the evening gave way to darkness she curled up in her small bed. The thunder outside had stopped , it was a cold quiet night just like every other night. She could not fall asleep because of the constant noise coming from the other room as the wind was gushing through the broken window. On the edge of a table, a tilted metal sheet was banging against a broken chair.

More so it was her thoughts, that couldn’t let her sleep. What is she doing why is she there, what is anything and how that someone never came back. She remembered the days when it was a bit sunny outside and how she longed for such days. She remembered the dog that used to follow her outside but got lost after a stormy night.

She wanted to wish something good for herself,wished for maybe at least that someone who left her there, maybe just for another living soul to be around.

As she fell fast asleep there was a small movement outside her hut. The creature hit himself on the hut wall. Looking for weaknesses on the wall he sensed the place where the wall was the thinnest.

The girl instantly woke up , “this noise”, she startled.

The last female on earth sat alone in a room, there was a knock on the door

Inspired by cloverfield(movie) like scenario. In a far distant place on the planet.

Akhilesh Sharma

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Hey, I like working on new concepts and follow an approach of keeping things as simple as possible. Appreciates neat architecture and intelligent design.

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