The boogeyman destroying our planet

Akhilesh Sharma
Jun 29, 2019 · 4 min read
Source: 1826 BY MANDY BARKER

Recently I was wondering about the plastic problem we have. While scrolling through social media we sometimes happen to check out videos about birds gulping down our plastic products or oceans filled with our single used wrappers and bags.

A Diver Filmed Shocking Footage Of Plastic Waste Off The Coast Of Bali

Lets see who to put the blame on? We think some worldwide international society can fix this all up. So it must be their fault, they are not doing their job properly or it can be our governments or the big corporations. This must be the big corporations, greedy hounds will devour anything on the planet to keep the balance sheets in green.

While this is all true, the problem might lie in some other place as well. We all think that, far far away some people are using plastics and throwing it down the alleys and on roads and public places and all that. Oh I wonder! it might be the poor and the middle class section of the society who don’t know anything about conservation, recycling, preservation or atleast keeping things clean.

The problem however complex can always be broken down in smaller problems, so to begin with let’s start with the species causing this massive dumpster fire (literal terms). Now since, only humans can make plastics, we can not put the blame on any other species, so that’s a sad thing.

Out of these humans, the ones who have more wealth are likely to produce more garbage as compared to the people who are poor.
But since poor people are more in numbers, they must produce more garbage.

But then again since the rich people control the technologies to create soon to be garbage(sarbage), in the first place, so what can the others do about it.

Let’s just say it then, as “those people” are destroying our planet. So no one feels offended.

Then I look at myself, how on earth can I do anything about it? If only I had more money I could have started campaigns ,educated people about this and thus all waste would have been properly put down in the dustbins where it belongs. Yeyyy!

But after dustbins what? They are moved to a newly(or old) created dumpsters outside the city or in some cases other countries. The garbage never went away it was moved to another location. A place where people have less voice and nobody to hear them out. Thus our problem became someone else’s problem. But should we tell that to our children, that is what is happening. When we can all, just be silent about it.

From these dumpsters and other such places, it finds its way to our soil, lakes, oceans and whatever other type of topography we have on our planet. And that’s how we can see those videos on youtube.

Now, I think is the time to seriously look at myself again, but wait I have to order something online because all this writing has made me somewhat hungry.

The order just saved my life, also perfect timing for my shirt to be delivered and who doesn’t like some of that vanilla after a good meal. Coming back to the topic, however I can’t focus that much now, sitting in a closed room with AC controlled temperature is fine but hey nature is nature, need to go to the beach in my car to think how to write better, I can type on my secondary device(a tablet) because all of it is synced on the cloud. And thinking about the beach.. Dammit! I left my clothes in the dryer since I wash my clothes twice in a week. Not to brag about the cleanliness but that’s how it is.

Lovely beach setting. Also having a beer hurt no one while writing something. So now seriously coming back to the topic.

I propose it must be the boogeyman.

While we all kind good hearted people, connected on the internet, sleep, there must be a boogeyman who with its army of illiterate humans (who might not have resources with them to loiter) must be doing this. In third world countries, he has made people subvert to him, that’s why they are more impacted with the garbage problem.

So to all the wise people out there. Let’s stand up against this and create a gofundme campaign.

What do we want.. justice . When do we want it now.

In all seriousness, I think the first thing to realise is that the problem starts with I, not some others, not some in other countries, not governments,not corporations nor anyone else but with ourselves, each and every one of us. It is our hypocrisy about this that we think someone else is causing this while we live our easy lives, completely dependent on the plastics that we hate to see littered elsewhere, especially us the literate ones.

We all are part of this crisis that has been created and every one of us is as much guilty and responsible.

Thanks for reading!

Akhilesh Sharma

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Hey, I like working on new concepts and follow an approach of keeping things as simple as possible. Appreciates neat architecture and intelligent design.

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