A response to some of the comments on my last essay
Tobias Stone

Two factors that will play heavily in the not so distant future, are the end of Fossil Fuels and the rapidly approaching Ice Age, accelerated by man. Take a look at the changes happening in the waters off the western coasts of all the continents. The great ocean currents are rapidly being affected by the inrush of fresh water from the poles. I predict the entire world’s weather patterns will be turned upside within decades. ‘Global warming’ wont be a trend for long. I feel there will be a perfect storm. A world population out of control, starved for oil, fighting for equatorial land as the temperate zones turn into a permanent winter, if we haven’t effected a nuclear holocaust by then. I would like to hear your thoughts on how these major events are going affect the history of mankind as well. I personally believe the desire to control the worlds remaining oil reserves is a major underpinning that will shape tomorrow.

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