Beard Transplantation Is The Only Solution to Regain Your Lost Confidence And Social Life

It is the time for men with patchy beard to thrill. Get in vogue full and luscious beard with beard transplantation procedure
Before going for it, there are many things that you need to acknowledge:

Get the beard the way you desire — It is better to bring a photograph along with you so that you can easily inform the doctor how you want your beard to look.
Hair required from the scalp — The hair is transplanted from the back of the scalp, which resembles the hair grown around the chin.
Transplanted hair will fall out — Although the transplanted hair will be shed down within two weeks, yet they will grow back three months later. There is no need to worry about this, as it will be a shock phase, which will force the new hair growth to come on 3rd month after surgery.
Not time consuming at all — The whole process will take between two and five hours, so you just need to take a one-day leave.
Undergoing this procedure is worth — It really works well for people with patchy beard as you can get a full-fledged beard as per your choice.
Prohibited to shave for the first 10 days — You are not allowed to shave for the first 10 days. This is because the transplanted hair will start falling out after 15 days of the procedure.
Whole process is painless — This procedure is not at all painful. It is mostly conducted using FUE hair transplant that does not require larger donor site incisions.
Certain reasons for transplantation — Some people prefer transplantation due to lack of facial hair growth while others prefer it due to injury or scars.
Beard transplantation has a lot more in its store -It not only fills your patches, but you can also go for it to a get a mustache Transplant Treatment or goatee.

Beard growth will be like facial hair — It is a misconception that the beard will grow like scalp hair. Just make it very clear that your beard hair will grow like any facial hair. Even the surgeon will make sure that the beard hair closely resembles the facial hair.
What if you are bald — There is no such issue with the balding head. The surgeon will cherry-pick the hair follicles from body hair especially chest hair.
Proper after care — Although the whole process is quite convenient and does not need to worry about, still there is some risk of infections and scars on face generally due to poor after care.

Need for a highly qualified surgeon — Always opt for a highly qualified surgeon for beard transplantation in order to avoid any serious after effects.
Make your surgeon informed prior to transplantation — You need to do research beforehand and then contact an experienced surgeon. Inform him about the pattern of beard you desire to have for satisfactory results.
The outcomes will raise your confidence — It will surely help you to cover the scars or patched on your skin thus making it easier for you to be a stud among girls.
Transplantation cost generally varies — It depends upon how much hair you need to be transplanted and how long the session will last.
Permanent solution for patchy beard -You might get disappointed with the shedding of hair 15 days after surgery. However, this is a natural process and the hair will start growing after three months, which will be a permanent solution throughout your life.
Equally concerned about gray hair — Surgeons will not overlook your gray hair; rather they will also pick up or scatter gray hair so that the outcome will be a bit natural looking.
Prior to Hair Transplant Treatment in Dubai , you can also negotiate for the costs that different clinics offer. You must choose the surgeons wisely for better

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