How is video call liveness check done at BASIS ID

Quite often our clients contact us with a question, whether we do a liveness check through a video call to customers? Since we promise full legal compliance, of course, we provide this service. However, we do this by providing a seamless and smooth onboarding experience. How do we perform this check?

May 18, 2019 · 2 min read
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Every company that provides a global financial service knows that the Baltic countries, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and some other countries, according to ministerial decisions, require a liveness check made by calling the customer. This is always a serious problem for a company, since it is expensive and extremely inconvenient for employees to organize such calls inhouse. On the other hand, hiring a third-party company only to make calls, significantly increases user’s acquisition cost, since they have not yet used the service, and it is not known whether they will use it at all, however, they must pass the check before they start interacting with the service.

The biggest problem of such liveness check at the KYC stage is scheduling a call time and interrupting the KYC itself, when the check was simply not completed. For companies, this is always associated either with the loss of funds to pay for the calls, or with the loss of funds to attract a customer who has not been converted into a user.

BASIS ID provides a seamless liveness check integrated right into the flow of KYC.

Traditionally, liveness check is carried out by tracking the turns of the head in different directions. As we’ve written earlier, the BASIS ID algorithm analyzes not only the rotation of the head, but also the change in the distance between certain points on the face, blinks and other facial features. If it is necessary to perform a call, questions appear on the screen, the answers to which user should say out loud. This allows a full compliance with the regulations, as the name must match the name in the document, and the numbers pronounced by the user are unique. Thus, the identity is considered to be identified, and the possibility of fraud by demonstrating a recording or undergoing the KYC procedure, which is forced by someone else, is completely eliminated.

The result of the record for verification is shown by manager Deniss

BASIS ID always aims to ensure as smooth a service as possible. We are well aware that every company spends a lot of money on attracting customers, and KYC should not be a bottleneck where customers are lost, so it is in our interest to make every effort so that the company can get as many users as possible while being fully compliant.

Just contact us to create the most convenient KYC process for your customers!

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