Basis Neuro is ready to launch it’s investor pool

Private investors are now able to form the pool in order to accumulate enough capital for entering the ICO. This will be an opportunity for our private investors to get special conditions and discounts not available through the standard private investment programme.

Participating the pool programme allows to lift a range of restrictions such as citizenship issues, due diligence and KYC procedures and also to lower the investment threshold.

The terms provide for a minimum investment at a rate of 0.5 ETH and the bonus of 50%. Basis Neuro token is pegged to the U.S. dollar and valued at 2 cents for 1 BNST.

Tokens will be received after 2 working days once the pool is fully formed and unblocked 2 weeks after the end of an ICO. The amount of each pool is 100 ETH.

You can find the information about the wallet in the pool’s official channel. As the technical issues are done just make an ETH transaction from your wallet to the wallet of the pool to join it. If succeed, your transfer will get on the list and you will receive the funds on the wallet the transaction was sent from. Please note that transfer is only possible for the wallets which support ERC-20 standard. Transactions from exchange-based wallets are null and void and will be considered lost.

If you have any questions please use official chat of the pool to ask them.

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