Big boys play with big toys

In June 2018, Basis Neuro and Nvidia began their work together.

The story starts with the request for equipment, which Basis Neuro AI algorithms developer Igor Shepelev sent recently to Nvidia. During the negotiation company specialists figured out some details about the purpose of the request and Basis Neuro background. Inspired by the mission and successes of Basis Neuro, the representatives of Nvidia decided to get into closer contact with the team. Soon they offered their support.

Now, working on Nvidia equipment and helping to strengthen the brand image, Basis Neuro, in turn, receives a number of partner privileges from the hardware vendor.

First, we are talking about large-scale support of experts — the laboratory is provided with access to consulting and joint work with specialists from a wide range of fields, from artificial intelligence to marketing. The new partner will help Basis Neuro to develop and test its products, provide equipment and materials, support neurointerface promotion among partners, customers and investors.

Basis Neuro will receive discounts on the most powerful GPUs, easier access to software and hardware for the development and testing.

Also, the laboratory will receive the opportunity to undergo special training within the Nvidia Deep Learning Institute (DLI), in order to bring the machine learning algorithms used in the development of neurointerfaces to a new level.

A pleasant bonus: one of the possible prospects for cooperation is investing from Nvidia.

With all these opportunities, Basis Neuro will rise to a new stage of development, improving the technology and declaring itself in the market.

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