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The goal of Basis Neuro is the creation of a successful business that help every user implementing our neuro interfaces with any devices with the use of mental control. At the beginning of the year, we successfully launched the ICO process and we are constantly moving forward. Since we respect the buyers of our tokens, we want them to get the maximum possible profit from the purchase in the form of our goods and services.

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Our hard work and your trust helped raise a soft cup of 5 million dollars in a very early phase of the pre-sale.

Unfortunately, the last six months, the crypto-market evolution has not been developing in the best way for the entire world community. Stagnation is taking place and the main cryptocurrency rates are frozen at prices that are below their real value, many analysts see this and we see at Basis Neuro. Now is the right time for speculators at cryptocurrency and tokens, but not the right time for growth and development of the market.

Today, October 15 2018, we previously announced that will be start of public sale BNST token, but the current situation is playing against the existing investors of Basis Neuro. Those who acquired our tokens when ETH was $ 500 or more, can now suffer losses due to the fall in the rate of cryptocurrency. We cannot allow losses among those who first believed in us and trusted our company,therefore, we suggest our investor to keep their tokens until the ETH value will rise back to the buying price or more (which according to market experts, should happened within the next 2 months) and act according to this.

The team continues to work in the direction of the strategic development of the project in China, Europe, Britain and the United States and keep you abreast of all the results of our work.

Laboratory Basis Neuro continues to improve the headset and neural interface and conducts active testing of unique dry electrodes

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