Part 1

Abdul sattar edhi was very honest person . he was not rich .but his heart was rich . he had work mostly for poor children .His mother was very noble .His mother advised to son that always help the poor . He was doing work in cloth shop. The shop Master give five rupee to Abdul sattar edhi but edhi sahib kept one rupee with him and gave four rupee to mother . he always advise that not afraid any type of work do work again and again . Amal academy follow the rules of Edhi sahib . I wish to meet him but unfortunately his no more . frankly speeking my life does not match with his personality . According to edhi sahib s elf reliance is most important in life . He was not educated but he did those work educated person cannat do this kind of work . Mostly students are liking to follow the rules of edhi sahib .

I just sharing one example . I was scarring to drive a motorcycle my dad just said to me you cannot drive a motar cycle I was not losing self confidence . after some days I can drive a bicycle easily . so I share that no work is difficult be confidence you can do anything . self confidence is most important .

Before I join amal academy I cannot realize that what type of personality match with his life

Part 2

Just Start Activity

I am afraid to communicate with new person. After joining this academy I realize that this is wrong for me .because in future there are many people talk to you while in campany where I will doing job in future there are three points

Self confidence

Way of talking

Personal ability

  1. Self confidence

First of all I create self confidence then talk with new people I realize that I can communicate with new person easily after watching many videos the most important in which that knowing yourself to discover your carrer . knowing yourself your passions

2. way of talking

Way of talking is most important during communicate with new person . I can easily communicate with new person

3.Personal ability

What is the ability which I have because no work is little . I talk easily and interact with new person with the help of amal academy personal ability is most important during communication in my point of view . my ability is that I can easily interact with people

Experience After this Task..

After completing this task i feel many changes in myself like i can easily talk to stranger and have self confidence in me and can easily talk to girls first i can not talk with girls i am shy nature but now i can talk to anyone easily.

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