Winter is coming to Pakistan’s Startup Culture?

The startup culture in Pakistan is evolving eccentrically; with the rapidly growing e-commerce to the surfacing of local Starbucks ‘Chai Dhaabas’.

More than five thousand startups have emerged (registered) in the past eleven months only, in Pakistan. The heat is taking its pace, as more and more (tech) incubators are rising up with ever growing young entrepreneurs who are vigorously day dreaming & combating to success. Many startup competitions have also appeared to assist the process in to networking with the potential investors or the prize money for kick starting. From immediate graduates to senior citizens, everyone is racing for a little bite of the pie.

The driving factor for some is the stimulus of Silicon Valley; few are genuinely interested in to creating solutions/cool stuff; others realized that it’s better than wasting their MBA Degrees’ in banks; and the rest are simply swimming with the tide, just like we have been doing it ever since.

The intention of swinging with the momentum isn’t the muddle; in fact it’s actually good that more people are entering this realm for their own reasons. “The problem lies in the lack of acknowledgment of the true essence of entrepreneurship that they’re stepping in with”. This is as petrifying as the impending of the white walkers because it can (& will) hurt this industry in the same manner it has bruised all over our previous ones.

The appealing success stories do give the drive but it is shaded in the brawls of failures, sacrifices, hardships and emotional ordeals. And until the fragile heartened ones realizes it, quiet a lot has been lost; time, money and stature. Of course, only those make it to the top who overcome these obstacles by being steadfast. But many startups fail during the initial course majorly because of the deficiency of self-persistence in the entrepreneur, and that is something not encouraging for the letdowns, their families, friends and the startup culture itself.

Failures are a part of life and certainly we cannot avert them completely, but the important thing is to “educate” the ones of the “cautions” who opts for this red pill. God forbid, it will be really depressing to watch this rising industry creep to its grounds too.

I think “coaching” of the rising entrepreneurs on the “pros & cons” of the entrepreneurial path and “managing the roller-coaster” should be given an equal attention as providing them platforms like incubation to grow. This could highly work as a “shock absorber” and reduced failures or “give-ups”.